Wanna explore Yuksom? Going for the Goechala trek and you are gonna spend a day in Yuksom?

Great! Here’s what you can do to fill up your day. An idea of how your day in Yuksom will look like.

Tibetan Refugees Settlement in Yuksom

Don’t expect Yuksom to be a city, or a town. It’s a place where time and space work in a different way, you can read the peacefulness in the faces of the inhabitants. In Yuksom there’s barely anything to do.

It’s a good thing. Few but worthwhile things to do and see.

The history and art lover will be happy. There’s a lot for them to see. As well as the nature lovers.

Mainly there are things to do in Yuksom:

  1. Norbugang – The Coronation Throne
  2. Kartok Lake and its Monastery
  3. Dubdi Monastery
  4. Bird Watching

  1. Norbugang – The Coronation Throne

Yuksom has a great history. When Sikkim was officially created, in 1628, their inhabitants, the Lepchas, had to decide about the place to set the capital. Yuksom, one of the main settlement of the land, had the advantage to be strategically located and became the first historic capital of Sikkim.

Inside a Monastery at the Coronation Throne

Norbugang is the sacred area where the coronation took place, and it’s still a marvellous one. You can still breath the greatness of that time, in an overwhelming settings of stupas, monasteries, buddhas and colorful flags. All in the middle of a dense forest. Here the silence is the rule and the time is still. Enjoy the beauty of the moment, you will feel yourself a bit more spiritual!

Cost: 20INR

2. Kartok Lake and its Monastery

A place for meditating and for being spiritual involved in the nature. A small but fascinating lake, with a dark water. All around are the praying flags that makes this place special and rewarding. Enjoy the sound of the birds and the charming atmosphere. After you have been sitting for a while, head to the monastery uphill.

Kartok Lake

It’s a 5 mins walk that leads you to an old monastery, Kartok monastery. Still 5 monks are living there and during the day you may hear some buddhist chants and ceremonies. There are beautiful patterns outside and it’s a good way to keep up your spiritual mood.

Cost: 10INR

3. Dubdi Monastery

Established at the beginning of the 18th century, it is the oldest monastery in Sikkim and is located on the top of a hill which is about 3km from the village.  You will take more or less one hour.

Dubdi Monastery

Dubdi monastery is key in the history of Sikkim as it is connected to the founding of the kingdom at Yuksom in the first half of 1600 by 3 lamas. Dubdi monastery was established by one of the lamas to commemorate the founding of the Kingdom of Sikkim. It is the only monastery still there out of the four built at that time.

4. Bird Watching

Yuksom is well known to be a paradise for those ones who are seeking for wildlife. Snow leopards and red pandas are very rare to spot. Though it’s easy to see an incredible variety of birds. You will walk in the forest close to the village and especially during sunset and sunrises there is an high chance to spot the Rusty Cheeked Scimitar Babbler, Scaly Laughingthrush, Red Faced Liochichla, Fire tailed Myzornis, Scarlet Finch, Cutia and the rare Yellow-rumped Honey . You can email info@sikkimtrails.com if you need info about this.

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