Green Lake Trek

The remote gem trekking experience in Sikkim until the feet of Kanchenjunga.




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Green Lake Sikkim Trek

Green Lake Trek is one of the hidden gems of Himalayas. This is not a regular trek. Few really attempts to it because of its remoteness. This is an experience that leads you right at the feet of Kanchenjunga, through a east to west trek starting from Lachen. The final destination is what it’s defined the Base Camp of Kanchenjunga (though you will probably not find famous mountaineers because the base camp where the expeditions start from is on the Indian side)  at an altitude of 5,050 metres.

This Green Lake Sikkim trek is for Himalayan and Kanchenjunga lovers. It’s tough and remote. Terrain is uneven with a large variety of dense forests where beautiful rhododendron thrive. It’s heaven on earth.

When you arrive at the Green lake Trek the effort is definitely worthed. Trekkers can witness a fantastic view of Mt. Khanchenjunga. It is one of the most fascinating treks in Sikkim. Compared to Goechala Trek, the perspective of Kanchenjunga massif is different. You feel yourself in the heart of Himalaya.

If you love walking on less explored and challenging paths, then Green Lake trek is probably the best option for you.

Getting permits and organization of the trek is not easy. That is why this trek is ore expensive than others.

Day 1
Drive from Gangtok to Lachen (2730 M/8950 Ft) 135 Kms 6-7 Hrs Drive

Today we drive from Gangtok to Lachen, a small village in the North Sikkim, ideal stop for the ones who want to explore the beauty of this region.

We cross beautiful spots like Tashi View Point, Phodong Monastery, Kabi Longstok, Mangan and Chungthang.

Day 2
Drive 20mins from Lachen to Zema, then trek to Talem (3240m/10620ft) (12 Km - 5/6 hours)

After driving for 20mins to Zema, we start walking from there.

The way up through the forest is a pleasent walk among rhododendron and pine forest., along the banks of Zemu Chu river.

We the arrive in the beautiful camping spots of Talem.

Day 3
From Talem to Jakthang (3430m/11250ft) (12 Km - 5/6 hours)

The daily trek is an easy path through the colorful forest where you can enjoy the spirit and the charme of Himalayan jungle.

At the end of the day we'll reach the Jakthang campsite.


Day 4
From Jakthang to Yabuk (4040m/13250ft) (8 km - 4/5 hours)

In the morning after a fulfilling breakfast, we leave the campsite. Today is a mix terrain ascent and descent, thorugh a well defined path. Remarkable the arrival in Yabuk, where you can explore the beautiful sorroundings.

Day 5
From Yabuk to Rest Camp (4725m/15500ft) (8 Km - 3/4 hours)

In the morning after a fulfilling breakfast, we have to face probably the most challenging day.  Path is along the Zumu Chu river, it is a gradual climb. The last coupe of hours is about a steep climb over the ridge.

Day is tough but it is only a 8km trek. We arrive at Rest Camp, platform right opposite Siniolchu peak, one of the most beautiful snow covered peaks in the Himalayan ranges.

Day 6
From Rest Camp to Green Lake (5050m/16190ft) (6 Km - 3/4 Hrs)

Definitely the most fascinating day of the trek. The way up to the 5050 of Green Lake.

As we walk, we can admire the spectacular views of the Siniolchu, Simvo, Twin Peaks, and Kanchenjunga.

Today there will be a mixed ricky terrains with rocks and snow. We'll be careful but fulfilled.

We can consider to spend here an extra day, picturing the mystical sorroundings and the Kanchenjunga from a different perspective, probably the most impacting one.

Day 7
From Green Lake to Yabuk (4040m/13250ft) (14 Km - 6/7 hours)

Now we have to start trekking back, following our traces on the snow of a few days before.

Let's not overstress your knee and let's enjoy our way back!

Day 8
From Yabuk to Tallem (3240m/10620ft) (20 Km - 7/8 hours)

Long way back, we'll make two stages in one. Mostly a descent day.

Day 9
From Tallem to Lachen (2730m/8950ft) (12 Kms - 4/5 hours)

Walk back to Lachen, where we stayed the first day.

Day 10
Drive from Lachen to Gangtok (135 Km - 5/6 Hrs)
  • warm clothes: important a good pair of trekking shoes and a good jacket for when we stop walking. Three layers + jacket are recommended
  • gloves, scarf for the neck and a warm cap
  • powerbank for camera or phone to take pictures
  • trekking poles
  • sunglasses
  • toiletries: Sunscreen, moisturiser, light towel, lip balm, toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitiser
  • water bottle
  • if you have binocular you can see great birds and wild animals
  • Trekking guide
  • Porter and Yak
  • Cook and Food
  • High quality sleeping equipment
  • All permits included

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