Starting a trek in GoechaLa?

Wanna know what you will find and can buy in Yuksom for your trekking (and what not)?

Let’s say Yuksom is not the cheapest place in Sikkim to buy things, generally speaking. There’s only one road leading to the village which sometime can even be closed due to landslides and bad storms. So, if you can, make sure you arrive in Yuksom ready to start your trekking.

But, if you are there already and realize you are missing something, don’t panic. (Maybe) you are still on time.

In Yuksom there are few shops and some stall in the central bazaar. Also in the village you’ll find many guesthouses and small restaurants.

What you will find in Yuksom for your trekking:

  • Clothes. There’s a small shop next to Gupta restaurant which can provide the most essentials: socks, pants, t-shirts, gloves, warm caps. And some jackets too.  Keep in mind the shop doesn’t have much stock.  And it is at least 30% more expensive compared to Darjeeling or Gangtok. Prices are only slightly negotiable. Keep in mind hiking shoes are not always available: this is something you should think about before arriving in Yuksom. Ask the local agencies in town if you can rent a second hand pair of trekking shoes. Usually RedPanda agency or Tashi from SikkimTrails have one. The shop can provide also sleeping bags (but mostly not warm enough) and camping mattresses in case the one provided by your agency doesn’t satisfy you. Hiking poles are also available, but last time I went there, only two pairs were left.
  • Gupta restaurant has a wide choice of smoking articles, cigarettes, and beautiful authentic local knives (they are not on sale but you can ask personally the owners – price is around 1500 rupees for a good one). Then you can find usual things like toilet paper and american tape. Gupta restaurant is good for quick meals at a very reasonable price. Choose some snacks in case you want extra food for your trekking. They also have a reliable wifi. Gupta is very furnished and if you ask personally the son of the owner (if he’s there), he can try to satisfy personal requests.
  • Phone reloads, batteries, speakers, chargers and the most basic phone related products. In Central Bazaar there’s a stall from a very nice guy selling you this things

What you can NOT find in Yuksom for your trekking:

  • Medicines : there is a small shop which has the most common medicines but could not have some specific ones.
  • ATM: keep in mind there are NO atms in Yuksom, so don’t forget to get your cash in Pelling, Gangtok or Geyzing.
  • Gas for your cooking tools
  • Torch/Headlamps
Dudbi Monastery around Yuksom

Can’t still get what you need?

Are you already in Yuksom and still need to finalize your trek at Goechala or Dzongri?

Then contact us by our website and we’ll try to help you!

Good luck for your GoechaLa experience!

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